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Proudly made in Richmond, BC.


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Working to uphold the inherent right to safety, health, culture and justice. 100% of proceeds from this collection is donated to NWAC's 2021 National Action Plan for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.


/snō-ˈCHi-kən/ noun


a nickname for a small bird in the grouse subfamily commonly known as ptarmigans. Known for their companionship and resiliency, these birds spend the majority of their lives in cold mountainous environments.

Bamboo loungewear

Luxurious softness meets long-lasting durability. With an incomparable feel and natural antimicrobial properties, bamboo creates the quintessential loungewear textile.


Actively combatting destructive and exploitive fashion industry standards by making our clothes here in Canada, exclusively using sustainable textiles and producing with purpose.

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locally sourced

Over 90% of garment workers are refused a liveable wage and fundamental human rights—the vast majority of these workers being women and children. 

natural materials

Synthetic clothing, such as nylon and polyester, shed hundreds of thousands of micro-plastics after every wash. Filling our waterways, oceans and marine life with unremovable micro-pollution.  

made to last

Worldwide, 92 million tonnes of clothing are thrown into landfills every year. In which the majority are only worn 1 - 3 times before being discarded.