supply chain

Since our inception, we've been a business predicated on sustainability and ethics. Starting with our commitment to manufacturing all our goods on Canadian soil and to only partner with Canadian businesses throughout our supply chain. In select instances where Canadian suppliers are not available - we partner with international businesses that are both reputable and share our values. The following is a description of all the manufacturing partners involved in both the sourcing of raw materials and the production of our premium clothing. 

raw materials 

Yarn is the one input that cannot be sourced from within Canada. The reason is simply due to climate. Canada is a clod country and is inhospitable to the crops required to sustain the spinning industry. Organic cotton is sourced from North Carolina, USA, while our bamboo is sourced from the Sichuan province, China. Take a look into the life of a bamboo harvester in the Sichuan Province here.


Our bamboo yarn supplier in China holds the patent on the process of turning bamboo into yarn. This yarn is certified organic by OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association). The facility in which the yarn is produced is Oeko-Tex 100 Certified. This certification ensures the finished fibre has been tested for any chemicals that may be of detriment to the environment or the individual involved in its production.


The greige fabric is then shipped to Ajax, Ontario, for dyeing and finishing at a family-owned commission dyehouse. The dyeing and finishing processes use the highest quality, cruelty-free non-toxic dye materials. In addition to the use of innocuous dyes, Ajax Textiles has one of the most advanced wastewater treatment systems; The discharged water is treated for particulates, acidity and temperature before it is sent to the municipal sanitary authority. 

cut and sew


The dyed fabric is then shipped to Scarborough, Ontario, for cutting and sewing at Jerico Apparel. It is here that skilled markers and cutters work collaboratively to minimize fabric wastage. And small cutoff pieces, that are invariably created in the cutting process - are repurposed as handkerchiefs and towels for internal use. Sewing is then completed at one of three facilities within Scarborough, Ontario. All the sewing facilities are hospitable and conducive to a positive working environment. Many sewers have been with the company for 20+ years. 

Our zippers are made in YKK in Montreal, Quebec. Our buttons are made by the Button Group in Scarborough, Ontario. Our labels are made by Laven Industries in Markham, Ontario. As an added effort to keep things green - we use recycled boxes sourced from the Bee and Jay Carton Company in Pickering, Ontario.


This is where we take over. Once the garment is complete we hand screen print in-house at our headquarters in Lake Louise AB. We utilize eco-sensitive inks as well as follow the strictest waste guidelines because we operate within Canada's oldest National Park.